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Benefits of LIVE online WING CHUN training

  • Access to World Class Instruction
  • Access from Anywhere w/ High-Speed Internet Access
  • Real-time Interaction with Your Instructor & Peers
  • Get a Close Up of Demos
  • Build Community with People All Over the World
  • No Travel Expenses Saves you Time & Money

Live & Online Wing Chun Training for Adults

Ages 14 and Up

Wing Chun Condition
Me Please!

This shelter at home is brutal on my figure!
$ Free
  • 1 Hour Class
  • Up to 800 calories burned each class
  • Drills & Exercises are based on Wing Chun motions and movements or will work on strengthening that is needed and beneficial in applying the art
  • All Classes are taught by a certified WCWC Instructor
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I wanna to take
a Try-al Class!

I'm eating Doritos on my couch
& am thinking about learning something new!
$ 25
  • Your Shelter-in-Place Partner can Participate with you for Free
  • 2 1/2 Hour Class
  • Boot Camp Class - Teaches Wing Chun Fundamentals
  • Includes Wing Chun Conditioning (300-600 calories burned)
  • Includes Qi Gong
  • Cost Can be Applied to the Whole Darn Course
  • All Classes are taught by a certified WCWC Instructor

I wanna take
the Whole Darn Course!

I wanna learn Wing Chun & ran out of excuses!
$ 108
or $299 for three months
  • Your Shelter-in-Place Partner can Participate with you for Free
  • Up to 6 Hours of Live Classes per week
  • Includes a Live Stream Q & A on Saturday Mornings
  • Includes 2 Wing Chun Fundamentals Boot Camp Classes per Week
  • Includes Qi Gong
  • All Classes are taught by a certified WCWC Instructor
  • Includes Testing & Certifcation for WCWC Intro Course
  • No Contract
Great Value



Access our Instructors - Live Video Appointments
$ 25
& up per 15 minute session
  • Choose 1-on-1 Access to one of our 5 Certified Wing Chun Instuctors
  • Gain Real-Time Correction
  • Choose a Time-Slot that Works for You


Gain Access to Recorded Live Video Sessions
$ 29
  • Access Recorded Videos of Live & Online Video Classes at your Level
  • Worry Free Live Training - Don't Worry if You Have to Miss a Class!
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Perform the Mook Jong (Wooden Dummy) in the Air

Attributed to Ip Man commissioned to Moy Yat as the "Kuen Kuit" Tweet

The above quote helps us understand the importance of training Wing Chun without the reference of training equipment or even a partner.  While training with real force is important, training without force is just as important.  Our instructors will show you ways you should be training Wing Chun whether you have access to training partners or not. Live and Online Wing Chun training should be practiced regardless of shelter-in-place situations.  

meet your 5 instructors

All of our Sifus are certified by the Samuel Kwok Wing Chun Martial Arts Association
as well as the West Coast Wing Chun Martial Arts Organization.


Please click an instructor’s picture below to make a 1-on-1 appointment with them. 

Chief Instructor - Master Bryan Talbot
Senior Master Instructor - Sifu Sung Choi
Sifu Kim Squiers
Lead Instructor - Sifu Kim Squiers
Lead Instructor - Sifu Lee Kim
Lo SI Garrett
Instructor - Lo Si Garrett Vice

students benefiting from online training

"I absolutely love the online training because it does keep my mind busy in a positive way, its therapeutic to study what I love and feel connected to the Tung Moon and Sifu.
Lin Files

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